Hourly home-care packages are designed to provide flexible, on-going assistance for people within their own homes. Through hourly visits, we ensure that your loved ones get the exact level of help which they require. Whether they need assistance getting out of bed in the morning, washing and bathing, preparing food or simply just need an extra helping hand around their home, our hourly home-care services can help.

We have put together a list of 10 key reasons hourly home-care could help your loved one:

1: Someone to assist them getting up out of bed in the morning

2: Assistance with personal care and getting dressed

3: Help with meal preparation and maintaining a well-balanced diet

4: Assistance with taking medication and managing long-term illnesses such as diabetes

5: Going out shopping, socialising and getting involved within the local community

6: Preventing loneliness and isolation through extra companionship

7: Help with day-to-day tasks such as food shopping, budgeting, paying bills and claiming benefits

8: Assistance attending medical, dental and other types of appointments

9: Building their confidence to try new hobbies and create new social interactions

10: Creating a routine and having plans to look forward to

If you have any specific questions about how hourly home-care could help your loved one, you can call us on: 01772 325350. One of our friendly, expert care managers will be happy to provide you with free, confidential advice.


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