Receiving permanent care at home is an often welcomed alternative to care homes for individuals and worried families. This is because it allows you to continue living independently and maintain as much as your independence as possible in your home with your own personal belongings. Most importantly, it means you won’t lose the things you love, but you will still receive the much-needed permanent, full time care. There are many benefits associated with receiving permanent care at home, including:

  • Less repeated infections and illnesses from hospitals or shared facilities
  • Improved rehabilitation and recovery following treatment or illness
  • Control over your own routine, lifestyle, choices and hobbies
  • Improved management of long-term illnesses and/or disabilities
  • Maintaining, or re-gaining independence and quality of life
  • Peace of mind for loved ones about the quality of care which is being received, and that you are not alone
  • Being able to keep your pets and other home comforts
  • Quicker discharge from hospital, when it is reliant on a certain level of care
  • Preventing loneliness through extra companionship
  • Tailored care plans which are designed to meet your exact needs
  • Keeping contact with friends, your local community and maintaining your hobbies

If you have any specific questions about how permanent care at home could help you or your loved one, you can call us on: 01772325350 One of our friendly, expert care managers will be happy to provide you with free, confidential advice.

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