You Have the Right to Choose Your Home Health Care Service Provider

Each person has a right to choose the home care provider that he or she wants in their home following discharge from a hospital. This is an important health care right and we understand how difficult this decision can be.

There are many options available for obtaining care, and we respect your right to choose the services that meets your unique home care needs. If you are being discharged from a hospital, the Discharge Team should work with you and your family to understand your individual home care needs based on your condition and expected recovery.

If home care is recommended, the hospital is required to give you a list of all the home care agencies that can serve you at home. It is your choice to decide who comes in your home and cares for you.

As part of the discharge planning process, hospitals are required to include “the availability of home health services through individuals and that serve the area in which the patient resides and that request to be listed by the hospital as available.”

Remember, it is your right to choose your home health care provider.